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A bit about the website of Paul Hemsley

You've probably seen the big, bold title above that reads "Better Than Everything" and wonder what this Paul Hemsley guy really thinks of himself. He doesn't think he's all that, really. It was just a catchy meme he coined on an internet forum and wants to milk it for all its worth. He's really just a humble, multi-skilled media professional with a background in journalism, and this is his one-stop.

Here you'll find a brief outline of who he is, what he does and what he's accomplished that would make him a valuable asset to your project. His skills include writing, editing, photography, speaking presentation for on-air entertainment, and directing editorial teams. He has a philosophy that when he starts a project, he sees it through to the very end - and sometimes going above and beyond.


Extensive background in writing compelling copy for print and online, as well as managing an editorial staff.


Good copy needs an eagle eye to pick out those nagging bits, so expect a fully proofed and edited final piece that’s clear, concise and makes sense.


More than just happy snaps, Paul’s images convey creativity and know-how that can add spark to your event galleries.


Drawing the road map for editorial and collaborating with marketing and operations to ensure solidarity and successful business outcomes.


Taking to the airwaves for over a decade, keeping locals informed on niche topics with enthusiasm and professionalism.


One-on-ones, group talks and round tables – Hemsley’s conducted them all, with senior government representatives and corporate executives.

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